While her girl is laying on her back on a bed with her head falling off, you approach her from above and dip your dick in and out of her mouth like a tea bag causing her to choke on it.
I didn't know Vince was messing with Briana till i walked in on him giving her the Boston Tea Party.
by colloso March 06, 2007
The act of having a threesome or orgy and at least two of the participants are from Boston.
I am so hungover right now from all that Apple McCormicks vodka but it was so worth it since it got me a Boston tea party.
by Dontstopbelievin September 15, 2009
One girl is laying on her back and a group of guys are standing around her. one at a time they put their nuts in her mouth and she has to suck them while they jack off. then to finish they have to cum on her face. Usually done with five or more guys. can be one on one.
Oh man Haley had a Boston Tea Party last night.
by mickq May 08, 2009
Historical event, where Bostonians sneaked onto an English cargo and threw down all the imported tea to protest against the tea tax
Tax my ass
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
when a man ejaculates onto a girls face and uses his testicles as a paint brush to thoroughly paint the semen on her face,or on her neck if the load size makes nassasary!
suzie was sleepin and when she woke up she found out john had took her to a boston tea party!
by john stout March 10, 2008
You stick you penis in the butt and pee in it. When the pee comes out of the anus, it will look like tea.
Me: I'm gonna boston tea party you girl! girl: AHHH!
by ej3ooj January 17, 2008
you and another guy are fucking a chick (one dude per hole) right before you cum you each pull out and cum all over her pussy and ass, then you both cram your balls into the hole that you were fucking, thats the boston tea party
me and griff griff gave lowry's mom the boston tea party
by g money 82 July 22, 2009

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