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Filling a partner's mouth with semi-solid feces, inserting your penis into the feces, and ejaculating into center of the feces.
My girlfriend wanted me to run out to Dunkin' Donuts, but I was tired. I gave her a Boston Creme instead.
The process of eating a doughnut off of a dick while giving a blowjob and then proceeding to produce the creme.
Yo we went to Dunkin Donuts then she gave me a Boston Creme.
by Anonymous190437 February 02, 2015
having oral sex and ejaculating into the girls mouth, then she spits it into the male's asshole, he squats over her and pushes hard, and the poop and semen fall into the girls creme
zach and amy tried the boston creme on their 1st date.
by zigzag112 December 08, 2008
the act of releasing your fluid into a girl, and then eating her out
I got back from the donut shop, and gave my g/f a boston creme
by teabagfuh69 November 19, 2004
have sexual pleasure with a donut and allow a female to devour it
Darren does a Boston Creme in a donut and gives it to Danielle to eat.
by Louis Lixxx June 08, 2004
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