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A bro-ho from San Diego, specifically Pacific Beach. They can usually be found living at home with their mother and can only come out till midnight. However once every two months this animal will turn into a binging/slaying machine when it returns to its native habitat or vegas. Beware the bostock at night for it usually is unaware of its surroundings and will fight without provocation and chase after porn stars/sorority girls or anything drunk at the bar.
You were a real bostock last weekend.

That bostock made it rain.
#drunk #fight #slay #rain #booze #bro-ho
by whatnameidonthaveaname January 29, 2009
Verb meaning to unreasonably promote the achievements of a child. Comes from the Jethro Tull 1972 'concept' album Thick as a Brick in which a poem by the 8 year old Gerald 'Little Milton' Bostock becomes the focus of controversy.
When the 16 year old Ivorian Souleymane Coulibaly joined Tottenham Hotspur for 2 million pounds he was well Bostocked but has never shown any real promise at top level in the adult league.
#laud #promote #hyperbole #child genius #child prodigy
by Eschatonic July 06, 2013
general term for a ginger who teaches geography to young boys
hey look at that bostock with the year 7s
#ginger #man #teacher #prick #geography
by BirminghamSoldier February 01, 2009
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