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1. Appearing soft. Refusing to go hard. No Bosh

2. A male that displays feminine qualities.

This usage was coined by K-E-V a rapper from Knoxville TN after noticing how NBA player Chris Bosh always just comes across as soft and weak when compared to his competition.
We knew we could win the game but Chris wouldn't put his part of the money up to lock in the bet. Chris is always Boshin when its time to man up.
by Lingo865 January 18, 2011
The act of acquiring a mass amount of rebounds and put-backs by means of offensive field goal attempts. Also pertains to running the floor for easy transition buckets with dishes from quick athletic guards and forwards.
Dude, are we boshin' tonight on NBA Live 10?

Wow, Kyler almost has a triple-double with LeBron James because he is allowing Pete to continue Boshin' down low.

Boshin' is easy with Mike controlling D-Wade at the point.
by n11attack March 24, 2011
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