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The phrase that must be said when "chill out" just doesn't cut it. It is used when people are totally out of control and need to be stopped.
Everyone just needs to chill down, this is getting crazy.

Kyler, quit freaking out and chill down.
by n11attack April 26, 2011
When two people are facebook creeping eachother at the same time. It is noticed when someone interacts with your profile while you are busy looking at their profile.
Well, I guess Taylor and I were synchrocreeping eachother because I commented on her picture while getting a notification about her writing on my wall.
by n11attack April 18, 2011
The act of acquiring a mass amount of rebounds and put-backs by means of offensive field goal attempts. Also pertains to running the floor for easy transition buckets with dishes from quick athletic guards and forwards.
Dude, are we boshin' tonight on NBA Live 10?

Wow, Kyler almost has a triple-double with LeBron James because he is allowing Pete to continue Boshin' down low.

Boshin' is easy with Mike controlling D-Wade at the point.
by n11attack March 24, 2011
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