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The sorrow one occasionally feels when drunk. Usually occurs when one drinks when he/she is in a bad mood. The affected person will often be saddened by anything and/or everything wrong in that person's life, no matter how important or trivial (most often trivial). Often accompanied (but not remedied) by more drinking.
Bob- Fuckin spilled my drink again...*sniff*...'can't do anything right. *eyes watering*
Steve- hey man, it's cool; I'll get you another one. It was just Popov anyway.
Tim- Is Bob alright?
Steve- Eh, you know, he's just got the Booze Blues, is all.

-Toilette's backed up again...*sniff*...WHY ME?! WHY NOW?!
by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
4 5
The depressed state one sometimes experiences after drinking heavily for two or more days. May or may not be accompanied by a hangover; can cause the sufferer to become overly emotional and/or cry for little or no apparent reason.
Dude...are you crying along to a Taylor Swift song?

Sorry, I have major booze blues after partying in Vegas all week.
by Meredith G. October 20, 2011
9 2
Booze Blues defines the depressive state after drinking alcohol and thinking about things too much.
Bob was thinking about his messed up relationship last night at the pub, he had a major case of the booze blues
by matty spatty March 15, 2008
6 7