The sorrow one occasionally feels when drunk. Usually occurs when one drinks when he/she is in a bad mood. The affected person will often be saddened by anything and/or everything wrong in that person's life, no matter how important or trivial (most often trivial). Often accompanied (but not remedied) by more drinking.
Bob- Fuckin spilled my drink again...*sniff*...'can't do anything right. *eyes watering*
Steve- hey man, it's cool; I'll get you another one. It was just Popov anyway.
Tim- Is Bob alright?
Steve- Eh, you know, he's just got the Booze Blues, is all.

-Toilette's backed up again...*sniff*...WHY ME?! WHY NOW?!
by The Bourbonator April 25, 2011
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The depressed state one sometimes experiences after drinking heavily for two or more days. May or may not be accompanied by a hangover; can cause the sufferer to become overly emotional and/or cry for little or no apparent reason.
Dude...are you crying along to a Taylor Swift song?

Sorry, I have major booze blues after partying in Vegas all week.
by Meredith G. October 20, 2011
Booze Blues defines the depressive state after drinking alcohol and thinking about things too much.
Bob was thinking about his messed up relationship last night at the pub, he had a major case of the booze blues
by matty spatty March 15, 2008

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