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An aggresive male homosexual in prison.
Hey, white boy! Watch your tight white ass cause the booty bandit is coming for you.
by superyouper October 16, 2005
a well known prison rapist usually known by his in-mates.
Frederick Royster JR.
George W. Bush JR.
A man in prison who pressures or forcibly rapes another prisoner for anal sex. He's a bandit not because he likes booty but because he steals it.
The Surenos are the worst booty bandits in San Quentin. They turn out every young dude that comes through the gates these days.
by bxmuscle September 06, 2009
1. A man who enjoys having sex with men mainly likes it in the ass.
Person 1:"Yo i heard that Jon has a gay porn movie out!"
Person 2:" Yeah i saw it that oreo is a booty-bandit!!"
Person 1:"HAHHAHA 4 real"
by ATM January 23, 2005
a fag , or queer homosexual who enjoys the sodomization of other males
stanley is a booty bandit because all he does is sodomize dudes.
by greg perdue March 25, 2008
(n)1. Prison Rapist,
(n)2. A man addicted to sex
1. No synonyms/antonyms
"I was in Dayday's cell last night, n i ripped dat niggas ass wide open, he was cryin..i said nigga im da booty bandit n ima get yo ass again."

2. Synonyms: Man-Whore, Playa, Pimp
Antonyms: Square, Monogomist
"Man, dis broad Naenae had a fat ass, I was hittin it like daaaaaaaamn just watchin it jiggle....then I went to Kiki's n got some head."

by Sticky (AIM)---> stickiinwet December 23, 2008
Usually a guy who is very aggressive and has a fixation for doggy-style/anal sex. In other words, an ass man.
He was a nice guy, but he turned out to be too much of a "booty bandit" for me.
by OoPersephoneoO June 09, 2007
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