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Yooper is a common term for residents of the Upper Penisula of Michigan. It is derived from the initials U.P. which is pronounced you-pee. U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula, as opposed to the lower peninsula of Michigan.

It is not a derogortory term. It is used mainly by residents of lower Michigan and Wisconsin.
That person is a yooper from Escanaba, Michigan.

Yoopers make fun of Trolls. Trolls are from 'down below', referring to lower Michigan.
Yoopers come from above the bridge, referring to the Mackinac Bridge, which separates upper Michigan from lower Michigan.
Yoopers have a habit of saying 'youse guy's' or often putting 'eh' after a statement. ie; Hey,youse guys, we're proud to be yoopers, eh?.
by superyouper October 16, 2005
An aggresive male homosexual in prison.
Hey, white boy! Watch your tight white ass cause the booty bandit is coming for you.
by superyouper October 16, 2005
A United States Marine Corps term for information.

During world war two until the late 1960's, military orders in the Marine Corps were copied on paper that resembled the skin of an onion. It was extremly thin and fragile, and translucent in appearance.
"What's the skinny on the promotions" said the private
by superyouper October 31, 2005
U.S. Marine Corps and Navy term for information. It is an old term dating back to pre WW-ll. It derives it's name from the onion skin type paper that the military would copy their orders on. It was almost translucent and looked and felt very much like onion skin.
Hey Sarge; what's the skinny on us going to Iraq?
by superyouper January 30, 2006
An old term in the Illinois State Refromatory to define a lie.

It is opposed to "bumping my head" which defined a homosexual act of bumping the head of your penis with the head of another penis.
"Man, don't bump my skull with that shit".

"That punk was bumping my skull when he said that".
by superyouper October 31, 2005
In the Illinois reformatory in the 1960's this term meant a homosexual act of touching the head of a penis whith the head of another penis.
"Man; That punk in room ten wants to bump my head".
by superyouper October 31, 2005
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