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A term for a homosexual. Men who enjoy Anal sex. Gay Male.
That dude over there is a strait booty bandit.
by HipHopKid31 March 04, 2009
Usually a guy who is very aggressive and has a fixation for doggy-style/anal sex. In other words, an ass man.
He was a nice guy, but he turned out to be too much of a "booty bandit" for me.
by OoPersephoneoO June 09, 2007
A man who enjoys anal sex by other men.
Sarah: Wow, that guy is cute!!
Jessica: Nahhh. He is a booty bandit.
by Kefe Mosu July 14, 2008
Someone who grabs another person's ass and then runs. Much like a beer run, but instead of beer it's ass that is being grabbed.
The girls at the club were being harrassed by booty bandits all night.
by Curtis H January 11, 2007
A playa who steals all the booty at a party, may be alcohol and/or pussy.
Damn, that booty bandit stole all the bitches
by dattctown September 25, 2008
a man who shows up, gets da booty, and then is gone in 20mins or less!!
He creeped up, got da booty and was gone in 20. He is a booty bandit!
by i shall remane nameless April 15, 2007