when a women's belly sticks out more than her booty do
Damn girl you got booty do.
Them girls with booty do need to stop wearing belly shirts.
Do you think i have booty do?
by Ofith July 06, 2005
when her stomache stick out more than her booty do
1. girl gone somewhere wit yo bootydo
2. bitch shut da fuck up wit yo bootydo
by Lil' Fire up!! April 18, 2006
It's when your stomach stick out more tha your booty-do
Brianna you got booty-do!
by Tia October 19, 2003
When a females stomach sticks out futher than her ass does.
"Man that girl got bootydo."
"Her stomach stick out further than her booty do!"
by Miz Moka January 21, 2004
When one’s stomach protrudes from the body more than their behind.
She gotta booty-do, cuz her stomach stick out further than her booty-do.
by Toosweet07 January 12, 2006
wen a female's stomach stick out farther than her "booty do"
Damn Tricia, Josephena aint got nothin but strate booty do!! Talkin 'bout dont flatter yourself wen da bitch alredy flatter than paper!!
by A.P.F. October 05, 2006
when a womans stomach sticks out further than her ass.
man, I'm not messing with her she's got a boodie- doo, her stomach sticks out more than her booty do.
by diamond cutter October 01, 2003

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