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The sound your vagina makes when your walking.
Haven't you ever wondered what that was called. Like your walking and your like whats that sound my vaginas making. Well now you know its vagina smacks.
by Ericka May 18, 2006
A verb meaning to jump through your floppy drive and beat up that punk arse beeotch for insulting you over the internet.
Don't playa hate with me boy, I will fizzshizz you.
by Ericka July 29, 2004
When your stomach sticks out further than yo butt
Ayo man look at that girl!She got a bootie-do!
by Ericka December 15, 2003
this is a way to say 'no'
-Did you clean up your room?
by Ericka November 30, 2004
Rockin' + Awesome

When You can't find the words to express a great moment of ectasy or fun, you say Rawsome.
This party is so fucking Rawsome!
by Ericka June 01, 2004
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