that of which isn't right, something cheap or lame, that which said by JeBasia Turner and stold by all of her white friends.
"Wow, that's bootleg!"
by jessica March 01, 2005
retarded, stupid, screwed up, messed up, just down right fucked up
That shit is bootleg...YO!
by 315 February 28, 2003
The infamous puppet in the "DEATH OF BOOTLEG" movies.
assassian: Give me the microfilm
Bootleg: What fill-m I don't know what you talking bout.
-sounds of gun fire
-pan to the corpse of Bootleg already dead and chalk outlined
by the idiot detectives October 05, 2003
Your mom's quality in bed
Your mom was bootleg last night
by David Li April 22, 2005
Someone or something who is totally lame.
Chris W's views on the definition of bootleg are totally bootleg.
by Freddie G September 12, 2005
v. To hook up with a girl, especially a real slutty one.
"These girls are clean, unlike the one I bootlegged last night."
by bizzle kanizzle February 21, 2004
A chick that walks in the bar with 45% of her legs covered in boots, and only 5% covered by her skirt. She so wants the penis.
"Hey, Brent...Look at them 3 bootlegs that just walked in the bar. I'll take the left, you take the right, and we'll pipeline in the middle."
by Limey January 27, 2004

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