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other known as "black cock lover" usually when white girls favor black boys more and often are sexually involved with them. and like to suck their cocks.
dude, there goes the bcl's.
by heatha December 29, 2004
A describing word for something that sux or is bad.
Also can be used as "Boot-legger" to describe a slacker.
This shit is bootleg, maan! Lets get up outta herre
by Heatha September 16, 2003
The female meaning of "scrub"
I don't want no chicken head
come on I know you've all heard the song. If not download it
by HeAtHa July 28, 2003
A group of close people that run in a pack. Usually once your in a gang and past the initiation, you'll only escape the gang thru death. Gangs represent themselves with certain colors, hand signs, symbols, and clothing. Commit violent acts against betrayers and members of rival gangs. ex: Drive-by shootings (even if its a rival's momma's house), fighting, knife-fights, shoot-outs, etc. Also can be vandilists to homes, public places, etc. leaving their gang symbol to "represent" or as a calling-card to a rival.
Crips and tha bloods. 2 of the most violent and feared gangs in America. #1 city they reside in: Los Angeles.
by Heatha September 16, 2003
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