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Something worth stealing by unlawful means.
Phrase: "If you ain't been bootlegged you ain't shit."

"That's bootleg material.."
by BigWink1 December 17, 2011
Something or someone that is so powerful, strong, or really good at something, that it or them or something they did is so unreal that it must be fake.
Omg did u see that paladin's armor, it's so "bootleg"

Wtf, did u see the damage he just did, thats so "bootleg"
by Vilyon December 19, 2008
somebody cheap, copied, lazy, ghetto. Something you say to put somebody down
Mary Lou:your boot leg
RoseAnn: Your so mean

by Roseann Parker October 29, 2008
The next best way of getting what you need when the corporations decide to hog their shit.
I had to download bootlegs of every Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo game I was never able to play back when they were available.
by AYB March 08, 2003
A describing word for something that sux or is bad.
Also can be used as "Boot-legger" to describe a slacker.
This shit is bootleg, maan! Lets get up outta herre
by Heatha September 16, 2003
Something that really sucks or is really bad...
Yo, that drum set is bootleg man...
by Ace June 09, 2004
that of which isn't right, something cheap or lame, that which said by JeBasia Turner and stold by all of her white friends.
"Wow, that's bootleg!"
by jessica March 01, 2005