A recording that is often illegal but can sometimes be a really collectible gem by offering rare studio and live recordings and videos (Often rarely passed around on the internet).

Truly something you wouldn't want to pass up if given a good deal on it.
Wow I got this great rare bootleg of *band singman*'s last live show! Super!
by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006
Something worth stealing by unlawful means.
Phrase: "If you ain't been bootlegged you ain't shit."

"That's bootleg material.."
by BigWink1 December 17, 2011
A term many mexicans use to describe americans of mexico descent, who in their mind are fake mexicans, due to not growing up in the real thing.
Nah man, he ain't one of us, he's a bootleg from San Diego.
by MisterFrog May 09, 2011
1)When is a knockoff of the real thing.

2)Meaning the fake of a real brand.
look at her Gucci bag is so bootleg.
by Puma F.Baby October 13, 2007
Something or someone that is so powerful, strong, or really good at something, that it or them or something they did is so unreal that it must be fake.
Omg did u see that paladin's armor, it's so "bootleg"

Wtf, did u see the damage he just did, thats so "bootleg"
by Vilyon December 19, 2008
bootleg is a noun referring to the name of the pornstar who works with ghetto gaggers.
dude, bootleg is legit... do you see how he facefucks those girls? he gives them no mercy!
by boot leg ;P March 10, 2015
Something that really sucks or is really bad...
Yo, that drum set is bootleg man...
by Ace June 09, 2004
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