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It's some one (most likely male) who is attractive, but not like a pretty boy is attractive. Most likely they have long(ish) hair and a some what scruffy appearance and rather built. they are really hot anyways, or just because of it.
Heath Ledger, in "10 things I hate about you" is by definition Ruggedly Handsome.
by Sphinx May 28, 2004
Unfinished sexual arousal caused by a male tease; sexual frustration in women caused by the swelling of the clit and sexual arousal but unending in orgasm.
I gotta dump Fred. Last night he gave me the blue clit.
by Sphinx June 05, 2005
Something that looks low-budget or otherwise messed up; something that looks hastily thrown together or uninspired.
Person 1: Did you see Mary's webpage? Person 2: Yeah, I saw it. It was bootlegged.
by Sphinx March 26, 2005
De facto rulers of SoGamed.com forums, known for being friendly @ quakenet.
Symposion > yu0
by Sphinx September 29, 2003
Either or any; the opposite of nam.
1. Q: Would you rather have Coke or Pepsi?
A: Am one.

2. Am one of y'all seen the television remote?
by Sphinx September 02, 2005
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