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Boot sex, is a form of masturbation, or self gratification using typically a womans knee-high fashion boot for most fetishists. Or put simply, having sex with a womans boot or boots. And also, making love to a womans boot, or boots. In the absence of a female for intercourse/sex most boot fetishists will have sex with a womans boot or boots . Vinyl boots work best for this. As they do not absorb any moisture as leather boots (unless the leather is sealed properly) do sometimes and may stain. Also, boots with full length zippers work best. As they open the uppers of the boots up wider and guards against ejaculation onto bedding and such.
To girl friend on the phone on a trip; 'you mind if I use those brown boots of yours Hon? Kind of in a knot down there, if you know what I mean. So I'm going to have to resort to some boot sex to relief this'
A self thought of a heterosexual fetishist; 'struck out again tonight! And I'm not going without something tonight. Going to have to get it on with some boot sex with those boots I bought at Good Will'
by Vinylist November 24, 2014
Boot Sex, The making of sexual intercourse between to person's wearing boot's.
Travis and Crystal made hot passionate boot sex.
by Travis March 31, 2004
-A common term usually said playfully for slang term "buttsex" or "anal sex".
-To use a shoe or boot as a sex toy.
"Man, he gave her some mighty fine bootsex last night."
by David Frunk May 13, 2007
Thwe act of sticking ones penis in a doctor martins boot.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 08, 2004
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