Nickname for a younger sibling; pioneered by toddlers, consequently the meaning and origin are unknown
Love you, boosy!
by 2136717 August 17, 2010
tits, bosoms, breasts, boobies etc
"those boosies are lovely"
"he had a right pair of man-boosies"
by chicgeek January 21, 2007
When a girl has a group of close guy friends they become her boosies. They also have to be ridiculously good looking.
Jessy loves kicking it with her boosies!
by Jessysayz March 16, 2014
BOOSY; a term used to describe a man that is used for enjoyment; a combination of the words "boo" and "easy" making the term "boosy"; 1.Used to refer to a sexy man, or possibly, any man in general if one prefers any male that walks on two l...egs; 2.also known as a man of low worth but who takes pleasure in making a female happy; 3.a man or men (boosies) who may be under a woman's word; 4.a woman's bitch; 5.a man that is treated with some respect but can be easily dropped at any moment; often used to confuse a man unknowing of the terms definition.
Example; 1. Goin to the mall with a boosy
2. This boosy thinks he means something
3. Dont worry, i'll call a lil boosy to help me out
by bkrikea December 27, 2010
The Cancun accent version of the word 'pussy'. Often mentioned by various cab drivers and construction workers in reference to prostitutes, strippers, and drunk college girls. Also can be used as a derogatory statement.
"Hey, boosy, cocaina?"

"Manweebles is such a boosy!"
by Big N January 25, 2006

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