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1.Bad,crappy. 2.False.
1.The teacher gave me detention,that's so boosey!
2. That ugly girl said she's a model,that is so boosey.
by BUB May 10, 2003
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A vagina in an unappetitizing condition, menstruating, diseased or unkempt.
A girl can't be choosey with an oozy boosey.
by dfmurban October 20, 2013
Not Real
I call Omar "Uncle Boosey" cuz that ni66a is wack!!
by dat_durrty_south_tipdrill05 January 15, 2004
crap ass nigga
Dat boosey ass nigga Omar know he ain't from KC
by dat_durrty_south_tipdrill05 January 15, 2004
southern louisianan slang performed by white females who desperately want to be ghetto;an action that is totally whack
Man, that bitch ass teacher is bein straight up BOOSEY!!
by HANNAH MAC January 12, 2005

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