Boong is a racist and derogatory word used to describe Aboriginal Australian people.

Contrary to what is already written, 'Boong' is derived from the word 'Boonga-boonga' which is actually an Eastern Australian Aboriginal word (Eora and Cadigal People for example) that means arse or bum and was originally used by the Aboriginal people as an insult to the colonisers.

Many Aborignal languages do not have swear words and, in Aboriginal Culture, the arse is the most disgusting part of the body. The Aborignal People would taunt the europeans and call them Boonga's (whilst flashing their black arses at them 'Braveheart ' movie style). Once the europeans realised what they were being called they turned it around and began using the word to describe Aboriginal People.

This is accurate information which was sourced from my personal lecture notes as well as papers studied at the Bankstown campus of the University of Western Sydney. Diploma in Indigenous Community Studies, Issues in Aboirignal Education, Native Title in Australia.
"Hahaha look at these silly white boys, their muskets can't shoot as far as we can throw our spears, they can't get us!" (Then while baring their arses) "Boonga boonga boonga hahaha!"

"These Gubba's are spreading disease all over the country, nothing but boonga-boonga's!"
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by The ONLY educated one July 16, 2009
Top Definition
1.Native Australian 2.Person with flat, upturned nose. 3.Person used as target practice or human shield. 4.Dole bludger. 5.Ingestor of methylated spirits, bagged wine and insects. 6.Cave dweller. 7.Person who lives like a bum or is dirty. 8.Semi-evolved being.
1.If it weren't for boongs, this country would be richer. 2.Lets throw another boong on the barbie.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
A defamitory word used against Australian Aboriginals, refering to their race.

During the 1950's & 60's people would actualy chase Abiriginals off their propery with 4wd's, & it's reported that 'boong' is the sound they make when they hit the bull bar.
Is that all those boongs do? sit in the city & scab cigarettes?
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by cheffie0987 September 28, 2005
derogatory term for a native australian, also known as aboriginal, abo and coon.
reputation of raiding petrol stations as a cheap way of getting high.
hey john man, don't sell the metho to that boong, he's just gonna drink it.
by random February 12, 2005
"originally a racist name for aboriginals, but is commonly used in every day as an insult. also used to inslut someone for having an aboriginal nose"
"nath have a shower you dirty boong"
"blake has a boong nose"
"fuck off you boong"
"no you cant have a dollar you boong"
"im not going there, too many boongs"
"id rather keep my shoes you fucking boong"
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by madcuntcj July 30, 2006
a dark colored australian primate with a flat nose and low forehead,normally found in the desert or redfern.Diet is known to include 2 stroke oil as well as varoius items found in the trash.The word boong originates from the sound they make when they bounce off your bumper or bonnet
Hell wazza that boong has gone and left a dent in my bonnet
#coon #abo #scum #darky #ape
by gook hunter October 29, 2006
A person of aboriginal decent. The term originates from the days when whites where aloud, and advised, to kill abos. When one would run an abo down with ones car it is said that the sound is something like "BOONG", thus where the term originates from.
look at that fuken boong!! LOLZZZZZZ
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by teh_pwner June 24, 2006
Australian term of a dodgy aboriginal (native australians)

gets its source from the sound that and aboriginal makes when it bounces off your bull-bar
Look at those damn boongs huffing paint
by dejavu September 16, 2005
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