Boong is a racist and derogatory word used to describe Aboriginal Australian people.

Contrary to what is already written, 'Boong' is derived from the word 'Boonga-boonga' which is actually an Eastern Australian Aboriginal word (Eora and Cadigal People for example) that means arse or bum and was originally used by the Aboriginal people as an insult to the colonisers.

Many Aborignal languages do not have swear words and, in Aboriginal Culture, the arse is the most disgusting part of the body. The Aborignal People would taunt the europeans and call them Boonga's (whilst flashing their black arses at them 'Braveheart ' movie style). Once the europeans realised what they were being called they turned it around and began using the word to describe Aboriginal People.

This is accurate information which was sourced from my personal lecture notes as well as papers studied at the Bankstown campus of the University of Western Sydney. Diploma in Indigenous Community Studies, Issues in Aboirignal Education, Native Title in Australia.
"Hahaha look at these silly white boys, their muskets can't shoot as far as we can throw our spears, they can't get us!" (Then while baring their arses) "Boonga boonga boonga hahaha!"

"These Gubba's are spreading disease all over the country, nothing but boonga-boonga's!"
by The ONLY educated one July 16, 2009
An Australian $2 Coin
has a abbo on one face
exchanging $5 for 2x$2 1x$1
gave him a piglet and he have me 2 boongs and a Roo
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
a sick piece of abo shit. they are nothing but a waste of space. all they do is mooch money and smokes off people, hoping to get rich enough to buy half decent drugs. they are also known to raid petrol stations as a cheap way of getting high. abo kids have been known to do that in the country towns.
kid: Mommy! that black piece of shit is stealing the petrol out of our car!
Mother: eww! disgusting! im gonna call the cops!
Abo: no! i need it! i need to get high!
Mother: fuck off you filthy boong!
by Tony Scarface Montana July 10, 2008
A term of endearment for an australian aboriginal
Hey neville you filthy fucking boong how the hell are you?
by Chopper454 December 29, 2010
Term used to refer to an Indigenous Australian, also known as Aborigines, Aboriginals, Abos, Petrol sniffers, and Coons. The term boong refers to the sound they produce when they come in contact with the front of a large vehicle such as a road train.
Drive over to Centrelink and you see nothing but boongs outside sniffing petrol
by Lolcakez721 July 15, 2010
An Aboriginie, mainly from Australia.
Jack; 'Wheres you sunglasses mate?'
John; 'That dirty Boong robbed it!'
by charlie.jackoo June 15, 2008
Term of endearment referring to an adorable aborignal Aussie transplant. Usually characterized by his charming personality, friendly sense of humor, and striking good looks. Be careful, though... like most things from Australia, this one can be deadly! He is a master manipulator, and will use his wit & charm to lure you in. Next thing you know, your head is on a stick! May also be used in the verb form to refer to the ability to do the above.
Ha! Dude, did u see that? He just totally "boonged" that chick.


That kid is legit "boong" right there.
by babygoon14 May 05, 2011

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