Sometimes used generically for people of non-white complexion, for instance from India or China.
"Mao Zedong - our favorite boong!" (refrain in a song by Australian Maoists, 1970s)
by Australian Observer September 25, 2011
An Aboriginie, mainly from Australia.
Jack; 'Wheres you sunglasses mate?'
John; 'That dirty Boong robbed it!'
by charlie.jackoo June 15, 2008
How Canadians say bong!
"Hand that boong terrance I want to take a big boong hit"
by ~ August 24, 2004
An absolutely disgusting way to describe an Australian Aboriginal person. It is derived from the horrifying practice of running Aboriginal people over, presumably to their death.
Not a socially acceptable word, used by very ignorant people who are not very intelligent.
The word boong should never be used by anyone.
by ih8h8 May 09, 2007
Indiginous word meaning flower. (I was once told this by a friend, and never forgot).
'Look at the pretty blooming boong'.
'Let's pick a boong to put in the vase'.
'What a lovely boong garden'.
by Nice kitty. January 17, 2005

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