The colorful plastic lace one uses to make lanyards, key fobs, handcrafted wallets and purses, etc.
Is that counselor in some kind of a knotwork contest? Look at all those complicated knots in that boondoggle whistle lanyard he's wearing!
#gimp #tandy leather company #flex lace #maedup #lanyard
by pentozali March 03, 2006
Top Definition
a business trip, often to an exotic destination, in which you do more relaxing/fun stuff than work
During my boondoggle in Honolulu, the company put me up in a mighty nice resort hotel. I came home with a great tan.
#trip #waste #work #play #business trip
by creaternity May 28, 2006
1.- An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity.

2.- A hopeless Case

3.- Some sort of deformed toy made from parts of other different toys
"Holy shit of Jesus Martha, stop boondoggleing and so something productive"

"You're such a Boondoggle, all you like to do is drink urine while staring at the dead corpse of your grandma"

"Is that a Boondoggle you've got there, It's pretty badass, it must have costed a fortune"
by Rocketeam February 24, 2004
A journey filled with shenanigans.
On our boondoggle in Laughlin Mr. Laughlin took us to his ranch and Patrick prepared a hot pocket for him.
#caper #hootenanny #escapade #mission #roadtrip
by Bpcjamin February 21, 2015
a fun retreat, often to a vacation destination, which is equal parts celebration, inspiration and collaboration; an extremely effective and fun way to build team culture
"I'm really looking forward to our annual team boondoggle in San Diego! Last year we hiked Torrey Pines, did yoga on the beach, ate awesome fish tacos, drank champagne...oh yeah, and learned oodles about being a successful entrepreneur!"
by Lexa11 January 03, 2016
People doing work that has little or no value.
Those kids playing guitar in their garage are total Boondoggles!
by BigNig June 05, 2005
A little homemade lanyard that is used as a keychain. Kids at camp often make them during craft time. The word originated in the awesome movie "Napoleon Dynamite."
"Boondoggles are going to be all the rage this season."
by Regina Philagne December 22, 2004
Clear glass spectacles or glasses used to improve vision.
What are you blind? Put your boondoggles on!
by Matt November 24, 2004
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