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The one and only sexy sole.
Bryson is my sexy sole man
by KR March 30, 2005
A knife of sorts which is attached to the barrel of a gun. Used extensivly in wars with single shot weapons (i.e. Revolutionary War, American Civil War, ect...)
The current issue bayonet is the M9 multipurpose bayonet.
by KR February 24, 2005
Slayer of evil Meredyths and Chutneys everywhere.

Found in Oklahoma. Beware of imitations.
The Karlena is one of the most beautiful creatures known to man.
by kr December 19, 2004
The most rugged guy ever. He wear high socks everything, but he's supa quiet.
Ho bu, betta not mess wit Kepa.
by KR March 30, 2005
Kahai A.K.A. DAKS has nice eyes and nice hair. True P.I.M.P
Kahai is a lil' rugged, who can handle his.
by KR March 30, 2005
The ruggedest lil'rugged you will ever find.
Bulla is gonna mess you up, break ya self
by KR March 30, 2005
Used by some Hialeah or Metro Zoo pussies to say a joint.
Losa ate a whiteboy before the cop got to him so he wouldnt get roped.

I smoked a whiteboy with some of my boys.
by KR March 22, 2005

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