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A boonch originates from the rare, non-existent horny honking boonch, a bird related to the goose.

Boonch describes any annoying, bitchy, creepy, slutty, or generally disliked person.

Note: Sometimes used as a casual, friendly greeting.

Common uses of the word include:
Boonchy, Boonchy 'tude, raunchy boonch, honking boonch, etc.
"I bumped into her in the hallway and she mean-mugged me."
"What a honking boonch."
by alaxdankn January 06, 2010
Someone that is a combination of a butch and a wench. Usually used towards nasty fat assed shitty bitch women.
Damn yo, I got hella drunk off my ass and boned some nasty boonch.

You fucking boonch!
by Andrew the Android August 23, 2008
One who tries to equal up to and be as good as a Will
One who is exceptionally terrible at beruit, pool, and drinking
"hit a cup you boonch!"
by will February 28, 2005