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A stereotypical personification of a person's race, community, demographic or profession.
"A thick east coast accent, all-black designer clothes, AND hailing a taxi- what a boomhauer!"

"That's a boomhauer of a computer geek over there! Pocket protector and all."
by AvH January 29, 2008
One of Hank Hill's friends on the animated show, King of the Hill. He has an unusual way of talking that some think is gibberish.
Boomhauer often begins a sentence with:
"Tell you what, man, dang ol'..."
by Brick Wall December 28, 2004
A person who rambles incessantly yet is incapable of verbally conveying an idea.
The meeting was going fine until Boomhauer started babbling about the cigarette machine. That's when Johnson got up and left.
by Mark VZ May 08, 2006