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Something that is ghetto or "bo-bo"
-"Man check out those rims"

-"Shits boofy"

by laylamariee August 21, 2008
17 28
Another name for Mr. VonWuth himself. Originated in 1756 when Mr. VonWuth was caught in a telephone booth.
"Good day Boofy, how goes it?"
by ServantDeWuth March 01, 2009
3 19
Something that is beyond goofy.
An elephant rollerskating in a maid's outfit whilst playing the harmonica is boofy.
by KirbyTheGenius May 01, 2005
25 48
Slang term for a Blowjob
male 1-"Dude, you know that girl Amanda that was in my dorm last night"
male 2-"yeah, dude she was hott, you get any play"
male 1- "yeah man, she gave me the crazy boofy"
by Dirty Deeznuts March 12, 2008
2 30
Someone who is both Beautiful and Goofy.
The boofy girl loves to laugh.
by Ricky Bobby the III August 29, 2006
10 43
A girl who gets banged up the butt by an old hairy ass goat.
That farmer is a boofy.
by Buddy Whacket March 12, 2005
7 55