Something that is ghetto or "bo-bo"
-"Man check out those rims"

-"Shits boofy"

by laylamariee August 21, 2008
Another name for Mr. VonWuth himself. Originated in 1756 when Mr. VonWuth was caught in a telephone booth.
"Good day Boofy, how goes it?"
by ServantDeWuth March 01, 2009
Something that is beyond goofy.
An elephant rollerskating in a maid's outfit whilst playing the harmonica is boofy.
by KirbyTheGenius May 01, 2005
Slang term for a Blowjob
male 1-"Dude, you know that girl Amanda that was in my dorm last night"
male 2-"yeah, dude she was hott, you get any play"
male 1- "yeah man, she gave me the crazy boofy"
by Dirty Deeznuts March 12, 2008
Someone who is both Beautiful and Goofy.
The boofy girl loves to laugh.
by Ricky Bobby the III August 29, 2006
A girl who gets banged up the butt by an old hairy ass goat.
That farmer is a boofy.
by Buddy Whacket March 12, 2005

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