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what you come out of if youre gay and dont have a closet.
I heard superman's comin up out tha telephone booth yo.
by stealth_sim1 January 26, 2005
public toilet/changing room
He pissed in the telephone booth
by Carpman May 16, 2003
Yay! I have a fan! A telephone booth can also be used as a Portable Outer Space Time Travel You-know what (P.O.T.T.Y).
Dr Who had a P.O.T.T.Y
by Carpman September 19, 2003
Hey Carpman
Love your work
Telephone booths are also where geeks change into there super hero costumes
eg.Gay man
computer man
i know everything ever man
Get out of that phone booth you geek
by The incredibly smelly jerry September 18, 2003