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Meaning: female who is a real pain and annoyance, like a punch to the female breast.

Usage: Like a juvenile form of “Bitch”, Boobpunch is used in petty arguments between women.

Tammy: Let’s cut class and go to The Mall
Tina: ohhhh, I dunno…
Tammy: Don’t be a boobpunch, Tina.
by TheGoyWonder January 22, 2013
11 1
When a person is being lame or selfish with regards to the group of friends as a whole. The persons dameanor is not too painful to stand, however it is "as" annoying as being punched in the boob.
Everyone else was going to the party, but Rose was being a "boob punch" so we just stayed home.
by Solidosnaku September 09, 2013
3 2