1. Proper Noun:

A nickname for my girlfriend, derived from "Bubbles" the Chimp and "Boobs" (Modern English slang for "breasts"); those which belong to her are stirringly gorgeous.

2. Common noun (plural):

Handcrafted, non-piercing nipple ornaments.

Boobles, did you stop at the grocery on the way back from the gym, you hot Mama?
1. "Boobles, did you stop by the grocery on your way home from the gym," I inquired.

2. Boobles should not be worn while engaged in contact sports or reef-diving.
by J-Meister December 01, 2003
A seating option in a restaurant or other dining establishment that consists of both booth seating and a table and chair(s).
Hostess: "Would you like to sit at a booth or table?"

Lauren: "We'd prefer a booble."
by bradycardictorian October 08, 2013
The soap bubble formed between two breasts.
Lathering up in the shower, when I reached for the tap for more hot water a booble appeared from my arm across to my tummy
by Sta May 26, 2007
an Asian drink with boba balls. it's a combination of it's two names: Boba and Bubble Tea
Friend 1: hey! lets go to that Vietnamese place!
Friend 2: why. i want some pizza dudeeeee
Friend 1: no no no. i want boba!
Friend 2: you mean bubble tea!
Friend 1: NO NOT BUBBLE TEA. its called boba
Friend 2: NO ITS BOBA.
Friend 1: no no no
Friend 2: fine, it's...
Friend 1: BOOBLE
Friend 2: BOOBLE
by heybooble April 02, 2011
A production mistakefound on any manufactured item. Ranging from a bubble, mismatch, colour blotch, hair or dust caught within the end product where it should not be.
A "booble" could be a picture which has been printed; but, the ink has blotched. A clear coated banner with a hair caught in the finish.
by xoxomomxoxo April 02, 2009
the act of rubbing your boobs against someone else.
What the hell? Why did you just booble my arm?
by la-fa-pee-pee November 20, 2009
use in place of any descriptor word, or in place of any amount
"Could I have a booble of mashed potatoes?"
"What a booble of a story!"
"I had a booble time last night."
by the nameless one-der April 14, 2008

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