use in place of any descriptor word, or in place of any amount
"Could I have a booble of mashed potatoes?"
"What a booble of a story!"
"I had a booble time last night."
by the nameless one-der April 14, 2008
It is a combination of toodles and bi bi, and is used when saying goodbye to someone who is very naughty but acts like a nunny
you have a good evening sexy, see you tomorrow
boobles ;-)
by SpotMaster July 10, 2008
A very fine girly's breasts
Check out the boobles on THAT!
by Acidomoduso May 26, 2006
Baby boobies that flop around all over the place.
I saw the hariest boobles ever in town.
by harry seaton May 04, 2008
Nickname for my girlfriend, derived from "Bubbles" the Chimp and "Boobs" (Modern English slang for "breasts"); those which belong to her are outstanding.
Boobles, did you stop at the grocery on the way back from the gym, you hot Mama?
by J-Man December 01, 2003
1. noun- A female breast that is extremley small and rather flat, being covered by a bra way to big.
Alex: Did you see Adraina today?
Nick R: Yeah she has mad boobles, there like AA's in a B!
by BourBear February 27, 2011
The rolls of fat that lay on a really big woman's back just below the shoulder bones. They are antiboobies.
Look at the boobles on that one--nasty.
by Afterthought Theory November 28, 2003

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