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1. Saggy breasts, typically wrinkly as the result of old age.
2. bobdreamz.
Look at that old hag's boobicles!
bobdreamz! My boobicles!
by MattySSP October 16, 2005
a frozen milk icicle coming from the breasts. an icicle of milk leaking from the breasts.
Jerry: is that a boobicle i see in your shirt?
Diane: Yeah, i was breast feeding and my milk froze because it was so cold.
by Mattie Ru May 08, 2008
1. like a males testicles balls, but they are a women brests boobicles
Hey dont you dear look at my boobicles
by hasiody September 09, 2007
Boobs that are on testicles during a blow job.
Jen had boobicles on my bed last night.
by Yupakeyno November 12, 2006
Human female mammary glands.
Dolly Parton has huge boobicles.
by Joker23 April 12, 2003
a description of large lumps of fat on a man's chest

aka. man boobs
Did you see that guy's boobicles!! They're bigger then yours!!
by TOMBOB June 08, 2006