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1. Saggy breasts, typically wrinkly as the result of old age.
2. bobdreamz.
Look at that old hag's boobicles!
bobdreamz! My boobicles!
by MattySSP October 16, 2005
a frozen milk icicle coming from the breasts. an icicle of milk leaking from the breasts.
Jerry: is that a boobicle i see in your shirt?
Diane: Yeah, i was breast feeding and my milk froze because it was so cold.
by Mattie Ru May 08, 2008
1. like a males testicles balls, but they are a women brests boobicles
Hey dont you dear look at my boobicles
by hasiody September 09, 2007
Human female mammary glands.
Dolly Parton has huge boobicles.
by Joker23 April 12, 2003
Boobs that are on testicles during a blow job.
Jen had boobicles on my bed last night.
by Yupakeyno November 12, 2006
a description of large lumps of fat on a man's chest

aka. man boobs
Did you see that guy's boobicles!! They're bigger then yours!!
by TOMBOB June 08, 2006
A round, slightly saggy pair of hairy breasts that shall hang from either male or female
The fat man had boobicles.
by boobicle founder August 23, 2015
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