A Boo Bear is what you call the sweetest boyfriend in the world. Someone who is incredibly cuddly and cute, and does anything to make you smile.
I love my Boo Bear so much!
by Renae Wright November 29, 2011
The name of a little blue bear. He's a bear that loves blueberries, dancing, and the color blue. He's the cutest little bear in the world.
"Oh Boo Bear. You're so cute. Boo Bear?"
by katwina October 29, 2006
My hubby OWN... He's my everything and everyone will know this is what he is to me amongst being my love! He is the most loving, kind, intelligent, well rounded individual... He tends to stunt motorbikes and claim his wheelies are gahbage, but I beg to differ! He is also a master minded genius who knows everything from mechanics to computers and beyond... He is simply amazing and wonderful and I am a lucky lady to have him!
I love my BooBear with all my heart!

BooBear is the best!!

BooBear and I are going to hit the spot!!

I am a lucky woman having my BooBear!
by Lady OWN September 23, 2012
A pet name to call a female with whom you are very close to e.g. girlfriend. A name for the woman you love!!!

hey boobear, I will love you forever...
by Jones, Bubba August 06, 2006
The added bonus of a buxom hairdresser's breast touching the ear whilst one is having their hair cut, or indeed washed.
I make sure to get the same hairdresser, she always gives me boob ear.
by Kloßer January 18, 2010
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