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Australian slang meaning "most excellent, cool, great etc". Also spelt BONZA.
Bonzer is also the name of a catering can opener, usually counter mounted.
The Bonzer Mat is a new kind of race track system for very small radio controlled cars.
open this can with the bonzer mate
been a bonzer day at the beach
Had a really close race on the bonzer mat today.
by jackass666 March 02, 2006
55 8
when something is pure quality man
ow Bonzer ive won 1oo quid!!!!!
by gregg April 16, 2005
21 8
Simply means brilliant.
"Wow. That's Bonzer!"
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004
27 14
very big; wonderful; adventurous
GUY: "WOW that was great sex"
GIRL: "no that was BONZER sex"
by LaurenHASBIGGERBOOBSTHENYOU January 13, 2008
7 6