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Hard nipples, visable through the shirt.
Wow, look at those nips.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
Insult to be used in place of 'idiot', mostly for repeated offense of same idiotic behavior.
Yo slapnut....stop being such an assclown!
by Gregg March 08, 2005
Also a subtle, non-offensive way of suggesting that someone is horny. See also: beaver fever.
Jeez Bob, quit staring at those girls. You must have a pretty bad case of spring fever.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
Someone that is sexually attracted to overweight people.
Look at the whale Mark is dating, I didn't know he was a chub chaser.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
The act of putting your lips around someones asshole and blowing.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
when something is pure quality man
ow Bonzer ive won 1oo quid!!!!!
by gregg April 16, 2005
Extreme horniness. An unquenchable need for some pussy.
Hey Susuan, I hate to phone you up this late but I've got a bad case of beaver fever.
by Gregg July 12, 2003
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