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Crazy, Loco, Johnster, Asshole, Cool, Fun, Awesome, Lame, Douchey, Drunk.
Bontch titties!!! Dude I got so bontched last night. Hey Bontch what's upppp? Let's go to casa mo and get some margaritas!!
by Bontchitits September 27, 2010
6 1
the flabby skin connecting your nut-sac to your butt-crack
(fat-man walks in on his son): "What are you doing?" (son): "Trying to look at my bontch, but my nut-sac is in the way." (fat-man): "I haven't seen mine in ages -__- "
by bigpooch69 December 14, 2011
0 1
To vomit, barf, pewk, blow chunks...etc
She totally just bontched in my shoes!
by Xtina March 23, 2005
6 8