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The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
Bono's real name is Paul David Hewson
by Shadow November 04, 2004
811 407
a piece of shit, number two.

Thank you South Park season 11.
Excuse me, I have to go make a Bono.
by p00psmcg33 October 12, 2007
220 176
One that uncontrollably yells "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeaaaaaah!"
P1: "Hey Bono... you hungry?"
Bono: "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeeaaaaaah!"
by dixintha March 26, 2008
151 115
The biggest crap a man has ever taken.
Bono is literally the biggest piece of shit in the world.
by fxckyoubxtches September 12, 2010
87 56
The 2nd largest peiceof crap in the world and weighing over 80 Courics. As seen on South Park Episode :More Crap
Bono didnt make the record for the biggest crap he is the record.
by Tyler Parizek October 14, 2007
143 124
Rarely plays the guitar, but when he does, it looks like he plays it better than any other guitar heroes.
Hey, child, if you want to know what's the opposite meaning of moderate, just check out how Bono acts with his green guitar.
by dingbobono March 09, 2010
63 52
Pratt like tosser, loves himself, his many houses and wants to be Bob Geldoff. A Wonderful hypocrit, who enjoys holidaying in many of the third world countries he exploits. While protesting in favour of these downtrodden peoples, he still manages to take advantage of the cheap labour these countries provide in order to assemble his U2 Ipods, Albums and Memorabilia.

Note: His poo stinks just like everybody elses (and his breath smells of gasoline).
Bono - Jippo. i.e. takes credit for somebody else's hard work.
by Collie January 23, 2007
156 145
Lead singer of U2. Some people would elaborate on this statement with a "Bono is an arrogant self righteous, big headed, smug arse- and he proves this by helping out third world countries..."

Hm...somehow that statement seems to be contradicting itself a little. Bono is a little lime light hogging at times sure, but he's a performer- obviously he'd be a pretty crap show man if he hated the attention.

Think about it- He is Bono- if he wanted ego gratification then he could just put on a spontaneous U2 concert and see how many people showed up and yelled themselves hoarse for him and the band. He does charity work because he actually cares about it- if he gets a heckalot of publicity for it than hm...I dont might have something to do with him also being the front man of a huge rock band. Besides the publicity helps the charity. I'm sure the people whos lives have been saved due to Bonos work dont really care about his motives anyhow.

To people who have made a statement similar to "I hate Bono because of his ego boosting charity work." I pose the question- Have you done better?
Bono deserves the praise he gets for his work in third world countries.
by Naomo December 25, 2004
601 590