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the act of going out and smoking a bong and doing lazy stoner activities.
1)"Lets get Nigga Bob and go bonging."
2)"He's so pussywhipped by his girlfriend he cant even go out and go bonging with me and Nigga Bob."
by Chode Man December 01, 2003
An expression to describe the movement of someone when they are running around.
"Dog's bonging around as always!"
by Arnold Cleddau June 14, 2008
verb: to bond with friends while smoking a bong. a great past time
dude: hey dude, i met this chick whos down to smoke! lets go bonging with her!

bro: hell yeah im down to bong her brains out
by realnigga2727 November 22, 2009
to describe Hot Girls. Use instead of 'Banging'
"That Bird is proper Bonging"

"Bo ben bosh, bow beny birds ba bonged bat Buni?"

Translation- So then Josh, how many birds ya banged at uni?
by Jayem333 January 17, 2011
To act like or make noises simular to a grandfather clock when it stricks the top of the hour.
"He is bonging like a clock" said Ariel.
by MANofCARS February 23, 2009
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