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A term popularized by Wu Tang Clan's The RZA used as emphasis, much like "word".
Guy #1: Yo, I'm 5000 G.
Guy #2: Bong Bong.
by cutjunkie March 10, 2005
A term used to end a statement or sentence with emphasis. Used often by rapper Ndividual out of Seattle. It was made popular by Wu Tang Leader & Emcee The RZA.
Wack Emcee: "Yo Ndividual, Can I get a hot 16 from you on my new track"?

Ndividua: "As long as you got that $...Bong Bong"!
by Sunnyboy1996 June 22, 2010
bongbong as reffering to a person means, Sexy, or extremely hot.
Courtney is the Queen of Bongbong...

Courtney is the epitome of Bongbong...

Courtney is sooo bongbong...
by duke of bongbong May 27, 2008
Great. A spectacle of quality in something or someone.
This cd is bong bong.
by anonybill January 23, 2005
A method of getting intoxicated that shows your bravado by doing a bong hit without exhaling then immediatly followed by a beer bong, upon which the person exhales. Similar in purpose to a strike out. Adding a shot of whiskey after doing the beer bong is optional but not for beginners.
Tom and Mike have been on a 12 hour acid trip and want to go to sleep but are still tripping. They decide to do a bong bong so they can sleep. Tom holds a filled beer bong while Mike takes a full hit off of a bong. Mike holds the smoke inside of his lungs and then drinks the beer bong and then exhales. Tom and Mike reverse positions so Tom can do his bong bong. They repeat this process until they pass out.
by Fasttimes68 September 01, 2008
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