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The act of having had sex with someone, doesnt matter who its just you got laid after a long time. or something that is really cool.
That car is pretty bonage.
I got some bonage last night.
by Shimmler February 11, 2003
1. used to describe one's chance (in percentage usually) ov having a sexual encounter; is now a part ov the weather forecast as it is scientifically proven to be in direct relation to the weather
"As you can see here all across west texas, there will be a forty percent chance ov precipitation, along with a fifty percent chance ov bonage here in the permian basin. so look alive out there."
by incipitsathanas October 18, 2009
An erection, boner, stiffy.
That girl gave me some serious bonage.
by David Hastie May 30, 2006
Pronounced Bone'aje.
A description of masculine sexual energy, or confidance.
that guy is pathetic and women feel like he has nothing to offer them in the sack.
Yeah, he doesn't have any bonage.
by Dali G July 10, 2011
The practice of being physically restrained, as with cords or handcuffs, as a means of attaining sexual gratification.
the state of being under the control of another person
by ZanysusieBOO January 03, 2004
Substitute for Ownage. A reference to a group of hot ass girls.
Dude thats "bomb" and her mom....FUCKIN BONAGE
by Mohigh student October 21, 2004
Unfair treatment, injustice, "getting the shaft"
The contract was so much bonage we had to cancel it.
by Ken March 27, 2003
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