When someone is a mad truth speaker. Incapable of telling a lie and trusted by all. When you vouch for someone.
"Nah thats my ace... that niggas bonafide"
by joe dutch August 19, 2004
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Legit, thorough, true
yo, am bona fide when it comes to hustlin son!
by Shar August 29, 2004
Ta b real or genuine
"dayum girl, tha boi is bonafide"
"tha girl lookin bonafide"
by BoNaFidE_QuEEn November 30, 2004
1. adj. genuine.

2. adj. (slang) complete.
1. He's a bona fide French chef.

2. You're a bona fide idiot.
by kadatz May 19, 2010
adj. a misspelling of bona fide, Latin for "with good faith".
It's "bona fide", not "bonafide". Sorry.
by kadatz May 17, 2010
'The goods.' 'The real deal.' No bullshit.'

This term is often used in, but is not restricted
to, legal endeavors. Because of its Latin origin,
the term's connotation is one of 'seriousness'.

The term mixes identity and credentials with
honesty and ability to get the job done to
create a highly favorable impression.
She walked into the room, forthwith handed
the committee chair her bonafides, a resumé
she had worked on for hours in anticipation
of this moment of expression/impression.
by Ward Smith February 25, 2009
Your main girl or guy, sometimes out of sevral others.
The girl/guy that is considered the "one". All other girls/guys are just for fun.
All Johns other girls knew that Jane is Johns' Bonafide girl.

Jane had several guys she was seeing, ut Jon was her Bonafide man.
by Kaazim December 27, 2006

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