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4 definitions by Shar

Legit, thorough, true
yo, am bona fide when it comes to hustlin son!
by Shar August 29, 2004
what Synder turned Michigan into by signing the Right to Work Act.
Obama came to Detroit and announced that thanks to Synder "you now have the right to work harder for less money". Synder is turning Michigan into Mississippi (hence the Union term Michissippi).
by SHAR February 06, 2013
The act of being like Gelatinous Cube91788. Someone who makes pointless posts on forums. His posts include references to small details in a post in an attempt to change the subject, and blatantly changing the subject.
Thread regarding theoretical physics:

Mister X - "Well then Stephen Hawkin told us that well the universe is one giant fish bowl"

Mister Y - "Really? I always thought his theories to be out there myself."

Mister Z (A Cubism Follower) - "Hey I love McDonalds POSTCOUNT++ ROFL!! LOLLERS!!!"
by Shar November 18, 2003
a sexy or hot person/thang
Yo,fly,wanna come up?
by shar March 11, 2004