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1) A person with a huge head so big that you cant see anything but it.
Oh My God Look at the size of Scrott Borris' BOMBHEAD
by Ryan September 22, 2004
27 14
the greatest soap character in the world ever. from hollyoaks. not very clever. has been a cook, magician. once lost his eyebrow.
i love bombhead
by p nesshead November 20, 2003
10 13
(1) twat from hollyoaks
(2) Robert Thomas
whos plate is that,it must be bomb heads'
by Matt February 29, 2004
7 17
The act of seeing and hearing things that nobody else can see or hear. (or basically they aren't there)
Wow, I think I just went and did a bombhead.
by Emily April 05, 2005
4 19