The act of bombing it, is where you take a drug such as meth, wrap it in tissue paper & swallow it.
person1: Man that gear tastes bad, I nearly vomited!
person2: Why dont you bomb it?
Person1: Good idea!
by mrPiney January 29, 2008
Top Definition
Bomb It: (verb) The action in which one goes real fast and real hard without any care for style, freshness, steez, etc. If you're gonna bomb it you just fucking do it.
"Dude I'm thinking about a melon or a nosegrab on this next hip"

"Yeah bro I might try a backside one grab or whatever"

"Fuck that dude just fucking do it. But if you do go for the backside one start switch that would be easier cause you wont land fakie."

"Ok Dude I'll just fucking bomb that shit then"

"Yeah man just fucking bomb it!"

by Scott Patterson January 30, 2008
to do crap at something.
girl: ready for that physics test today?
guy: nah, I'm gonna bomb it.
by whatserface December 05, 2008
carsthis is wen u iz drivin and u want to push the car to the max and go realli fast
lets bomb it down the road
by mel March 05, 2005
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