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When a guy fucks a woman so hard she feels like she is blowing up inside.
Tom: I bomb fucked Shirley last night.
Bill: Huh?
Tom: She told me that I fucked her so good she felt like her insides were exploding.
by vigil_09 January 27, 2009
someone so hot your want to fuck them all over
related to bombskeet
roy: omg morgans is sooooohot
blade: omg so is steph
by Stephiee January 17, 2007
A sexual position, in which the male stands atop a dresser or some piece of furniture as a wrestler would perch hisself on a turn buckle.

Then, while fully erect -- he frog splashes in and onto the woman.
Lianne wanted something new in the bedroom. So I gave her the Bomb Fuck.
by TomKVideo December 28, 2008
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