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An unexpected sex kitten or minx. Some innocent looking person (usually pertaining to the female gender) who is great in bed.
Guy1: Dude, you'll never guess who's a Lianne!
Guy2: Who?
Guy1: The new librarian!
by Uknoooown January 26, 2009
A person you will never want to lose, because once you do, you will regret it.
Once I let my Lianne walk out of my life, I was never the same.
by SheszDifferent April 09, 2010
The most beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and kind person you'll ever meet. She's just so full of awesomeness, you'll almost be overwhelmed and begin to doubt her existence because of it!
Lianne is just super cool and awesome
by douchebaginabox May 10, 2011

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