Somebody that is heavily into or associated with anything and everything.
Also used to refer to protestant men of the ulster-scots persuasion who live in or around Ballymena.
Ach, he's a hard boley tae please!!!

That's some boley ass s*!t!!!
by EamonnOG December 11, 2006
Top Definition
A man who has a gigantic penis. Probably larger than a small child if not a fully grown adult.

This penis, however, because of its size, is entirely useless.
Peter Pans a boley, shame for the guy.
by Crickenholme May 21, 2008
A word shouted by a extremely annoying girl when you're trying to enjoy a ride at an amusement park.
That fucking girl won't stop touching us and yelling Boley!
by Bobbbbv April 29, 2009
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