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Somebody that is heavily into or associated with anything and everything.
Also used to refer to protestant men of the ulster-scots persuasion who live in or around Ballymena.
Ach, he's a hard boley tae please!!!

That's some boley ass s*!t!!!
by EamonnOG December 11, 2006
A country whose inhabitants are ridiculously sensitive about being stereotyped as drunken karaoke singers who like a good fight and who seeth in raging pits of anger whenever anyone English or American even mentions the word leprechaun or claims to have Irish ancestry. All that rage, despite the fact that millions of Brits and Yanks actually do descend from Ireland (and kept Ireland from total financial ruin by way of remittance payments) and thousands of Irish people in leprechaun costumes grace the streets of Dublin every Paddy's Day and inevitably sing Fields of Athenry and drink 20 pints of larger before getting in the fight with the dude who knocked into their bag of chips.
You're not Irish I'm Irish because only people who live in Ireland are Irish.... I know nothing about the concept of ethnicity or identity politics in New World countries because I webbed 6 jagerbombs last night, I'm so proud of myself.
by EamonnOG December 11, 2006
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