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A coughing and laughing fit induced by a large toke on a spliff.
Oh damn Petes got a crippling case of the bojangles, the silly cunt can't move
by The Janglestanian August 06, 2009
6 180
Term used when trying to describe an unfavorable situation or event.

Synonymous with shenanigans, but it is shenanigans and more.
"Stefan used my eggs and now I'm stuck with his old eggs"
"That's bojangles"
by cent2crew March 07, 2010
7 205
An alternative to the "cool" thing that is happening. Usually it's accompanied by sexual connotations. Holla!
beach or BOJANGLES! (or movies or bojangles! really whatever one is doing, then "or bojangles")
by Beka-Andew Hecoy July 23, 2004
66 271
a word used when irony has taken place.
When Jimi Hendricks, Janise Joplin, and Jim Morrison died in the same year all at 27 I said oh bojangles.
by Dan Hazzy May 30, 2009
10 216
n., a state of being that is extremely fine. After the great black dancer, "Bo" Jangles.
That dude is just *so* bojangles!
by The Doctor January 09, 2005
14 221
Something that is good or the shiznit
Rub that vaseline in my crack its the Bojangles! go on do it! do it!
by Blitzscreet Bob May 14, 2003
113 320
Typically a female who is very talented in dancing (referring specifically to the great Bill "Bo Jangles" Robinson).
"Say the heals on your feet or the strap around your ankle.
Call that bitch bojangles," Ying Yang Twins.
by N. Mike November 15, 2006
13 230