A city people growing up in/living in during the 90's (Aka "The Golden Age") could fall in love with. I never even knew there was a desert around boise until I became a frequent flier. But anyways...

Boise in the 90's was a peaceful area, and I know this becuase I lived in a neighborhood full of child rapists and never once got abducted walking home from school. There was a slighty more creative slang language back then too. Old playground insults like "Gaywaud" were sputtered about, resulting in laughter, and people didn't seem to get offended as much. There were a lot less fads polluting the environment (To name a few that we have today.... emo, chav, juggalo, skater, WoW subscriber, country music, believing in global warming, atheism etc.) , so basically a more intelligent generation of people.

People would gather and listen to some good tunes like The Smashing Pumpkins. They could aslo gather and play video games that actually had a plot and treasure the silly/cheesy gameplay and jagged graphics.

Boise now, however, is something of a cess pool. It has expanded and practically absorbed the less interesting places like Nampa, Caldwell, and Meridian. Retards, chavs, and bums cloud the streets like a plague. More califronians have slipped in, and the city altogether has devolved. The camelot era is forgotten. It's as though God has decided to take a big dump on my childhood. The sandbox has filled up with dogterds! (Wtf? Thought I had a fence?)

The rest of Idaho is pretty much the same. A shithole with lots of egotistical, argumentative, moronic, opinionated, "Open minded" (Drug addicted), Guitar-game-appendage obsessed freak liberals. Or the occasional hillbilly you see working at the Goodwill store that just irks the fuck out of you. You really don't want to live here.
Boise was a great place to live ten years ago.
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b-town is a land of plenty. it's got north-western heart and activty galore. the moutains are your idaho playground. most cars have ski, kayak or bike racks because people are all about being a part of their environment. boise is comfortable, yet always advancing into the big city it might one day be. boise people are welcome to each new cultural event or downtown festival that brings us a little closer to metropolitan-life. in driving outside the central area, one finds a peaceful country existence juxtaposed with newly developed subdivisions. it retains farming community charm while presenting the good and bad that comes with growth. boise is perfect-move here. you will be happy.
boiseans play frisbee golf with great passion
by Urban Dictionary October 02, 2005
People who don't live here, mispronounce it: Boys Z. No, No, Not right. It is: Boy See, got it? I Da (Duh) Ho. Thank you very much.

I hate it when people say: Boys Z, for Boise.
by Guido1 March 20, 2009
A place where idiots from Manhattan wish they could live, but are to fucking stupid so they settle for paying $2,500 a month to rent an apartment the size of a walk-in closet and call that living! Boise offers fast access to the outdoors (unlike the saps in NYC who call Central Park wilderness). Mt. biking, cycling, hiking, skiing, rafting and clean air! Yet, everytime we end up someplace like Manhattan we hear the same stuipd morons tell potato jokes. The joke is on those fools! Go ahead, crame yourself into a hell hole with 8 million other idiots and delude yourself that NYC is great - give me reality! Give me Idaho!
A two hour drive in any direction from Boise takes you to a diverse environmental experience - mountains, lava fields, rivers, and REAL people!
by BuddyStone October 26, 2006
Awesome city smushed against the little hills which bogus basin resides upon. The Boise River flows through the area making for a most majestic area. The downtown and north end are the only nice areas of town. Wandering towards Meridian you will happen upon many Mormons, be careful.
I reside in Boise during the summer months, it's nice.
by Billiebobthorton January 26, 2012
A city in a town called Idaho. It is in the north west and is filled with attractive, intelligent people who dislike the comment "thats right! u-da-ho!" Also, Boise is the largest city in Idaho and most technologically advanced. Boise holds one of the most academically acclaimed high schools in America along with one of the "best places to live" in the country. If you do not live in Boise, you are missing out.
"yo where u frm hmie?"

"I'm from Boise, Idaho."

"udaho alrght! i hrd tht place is dum"

"Who's the one that can spell, you ignoramus."

by boise boy January 14, 2012
The Only Town In Idaho, that is somewhat not related to Potatoes.
Basically only part where Idaho is Technologically advanced.

AKA-- Treasure Valley ( Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell)
I live in Boise, thats in Idaho.
by Bonzi March 26, 2005
The biggest city in idaho. it's not as lame as everyone says, but it's not all that cool either. it's growing, and so it's getting better. there are a considerable amount of hippies in the areas worth going. they're mostly nice.
i saw the shins in concert at the egyptian in boise
by whoah June 01, 2007
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